IHF 1000
Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit IHF1000
Turn your vehicle into a mobile communications cockpit. Get behind the wheel, touch the big blue button on the IHF1000, and your car kit will follow your speech commands. Dial by name or number, mute and un-mute calls—even answer incoming calls with announced caller I.D.

Stay connected with your own crew, hands-free, just like the racing pros.

* Stylish, backlit controller with chrome-brushed finish mounts within easy reach on the dashboard
* Pair with up to 4 Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones
* Intuitive user interface module
* It's simple because it's voice operated—dial by name or number
* Answer or reject incoming calls with announced incoming Caller I.D.
* Mute and un-mute calls by speech command
* Motorola's advanced noise reduction technology delivers crystal-clear conversations
* Conversations can be routed through your audio system on most cars, or through a premium 5-watt speaker (included)
* Size: 26mm (H), 150mm (L), 100mm (W)
* Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile Support (HFP .096 and 1.0)
* Professional installation required
Motorola Bluetooth Automotive Music & Hands-free System T605
Leveraging Bluetooth hands-free and stereo profiles, the T605 offers one seamless solution that provides access to digital music and phone calls directly through your car’s sound system. Enabling each device to be in tune with the other, the T605 is designed to pause the music when a call comes in and resume the music when the call ends. Professional installation and adapter harness are sold separately and are required for a customized integration with your car’s sound system that looks as good as it sounds. Start your engine - you’re ready to roll with the T605!

Bluetooth wireless technology 2.0
Clear sound with latest echo and noise cancellation technology
Volume goes up as background noise increases
Intuitive user interface module
Convenient voice dialing (requires mobile phone with voice tag capability)
3.5mm stereo port for wired music player connection
No charging necessary
Use speaker or car sound system to take calls
Bluetooth music mutes when calls come in and resumes when the call ends*
Bluetooth stereo supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio
Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Systems
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